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Pursuit Materials, LLC is proud to offer the world-renowned, E & P Würtz, PAT® Release Agents, Specialty Additives and Process Aids for engineered wood composites and laminates. PAT® release agents are used extensively by Chipboard, Fiberboard, MDF and OSB manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia, Australia & Canada and are now available in the US through Pursuit Materials, LLC.

Depending on production processes and individual circumstances, Würtz offers products that can be applied to the material to be pressed, as well as products that can be used to treat the press plates and press bands.

PAT® products maximize processing efficiency, improve throughput and yield, and can even help to optimize additional properties of the finished product. The products enable manufacturers to use formaldehyde-free isocyanates (MDI, or pMDI) without the buildup problems common when these isocyanates contact the metal platens.

E & P Würtz products have also been shown to eliminate losses. For example, in a continuous hot press operation, an unplanned shutdown can expose in-process material to high temperatures for an extended period of time, rendering typical release agents ineffective. This can result in high clean up costs, raw material and energy losses, and unnecessary downtime. PAT® products designed for this type of process have superior thermal stability, allowing the release agent to maintain its effectiveness even after a shutdown.

PAT® Release Agents for composite wood are non-toxic, completely biodegradable & environmentally friendly.

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